Advanced Blending FAQ


  • Net 30.  Terms are subject to credit approval.   All prices are F.O.B. (Click Here)
  • A finance charge of 1.5% per month will be added to all accounts not paid within terms.
  • Acceptable Forms of Payment include:  Corporate check, Cash, Cashier's check, Wire transfer, Credit card (MC/V, Discover)
  • If paying by credit card, payment is expected at time of purchase.  Credit cards charges are subject to a 4% processing fee.
  • Accounts in default are subject to being placed on credit hold.

Ordering/Lead Time:

  • All orders must be submitted in writing - via fax or email.
  • Orders must be emailed to or faxed to 817.473.6311.  No verbal orders will be accepted.
  • Orders can be confirmed via email if you request and provide the email address on your purchase order.
  • Lead time 7-10 business days.
  • For Custom Blends requiring non-stock materials, lead times will be determined at the time of order and receipt of all materials for production.
  • Rush Orders may be accommodated, but are subject to production scheduling and a rush charge of $75.00 per item.  All orders are subject to required minimums for each item ordered.
  • Pricing provided is valid for 30 days and subject to change. Additional charges may be added if any component in the formulation increases significantly in cost. 

Freight Policy:

  • All orders are FOB our factory.
  • Drop Shipments/Blind Shipments can be made to your customers.
  • Freight arrangements can be made by the customer or we can make them for you and invoice with the product.
  • For items not picked up 48 hours after notification of the advised pickup date, we reserve the right to ship the items via common carrier, prepaid and charged to the customer.

Return Policy: 

  • Full credit will be allowed on any product shipped by Advanced Blending, Inc. in error or if determined by us as being defective. 
  • No credit will be given for goods returned without prior authorization. 
  • No returns/credit will be given on Private Label product over 90 days old.    All returned product must be FOB our factory

Packaging Available

  • Liquids:   Bulk, Totes, 55 gallon drum, 30 gallon drums, 20 gallon drums, 15 gallon drums,  5 gallon pails, 5 gallon tight-head pails, 4x1.
  • Powders:  Drums, pails, boxes - sizes ranging from 500 lbs - 25 lbs.
  • Custom packaging can be sourced by us.  Please contact us to discuss any specific needs.

Minimum Orders:

  • Minimum order is $250.00.  A $25.00 handling charge will be added to orders less than $250.00.
  • Liquids:  60 gallons per formulation:  1 - 55 gallon drum, 2- 30 gallon drums, 3-20 gallon drums, 4-15 gallon drums, 12- 5 gallon pails, 15 cases - 4x1
  • Powders:  500 pounds per formulation:   1 - 500# drum, 5- 100# drum, 10 - 50# containers, 13 - 40# containers, 17-30# containers, 20- 25# containers.
  • Fees for order not meeting minimum production runs will be determined prior to production.  The minimum surcharge will be of $50 per item; however, the fee will be charged, based on formulation and time required.  


  • We are a toll blender and manufacturer of private label products.  All products will have the customer’s label.  
  • Only EPA registered disinfectants and sanitizers will be shipped out under the Advanced Blending name.  All other products must have the customer name and contact information.
  • We offer suggested label verbiage for our stock formulations.
  • Customers can provide label artwork in a PDF format and we can help source custom label designs.    Art work changes and modifications are subject to a minimum change fee of $25.00.    All label fees are determined on a per project basis. 
  • A GHS compliant label and Safety Data Sheet is required for all formulations.  If not available, we can assist in the creation of both and invoice the customer for those services.


  • All products are designed exclusively for industrial and institutional use by trained personnel.  All products are sold “as is” and the manufacturer makes no warranty, express or implied, or merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or otherwise.  Where indicated, the chemical characteristics of products, such as viscosity, pH, etc., represent typical properties of those products and are not intended to be product specifications.

Federal Regulations and Label Registrations:

  • It is imperative that the customer/distributor, contact proper state authorities regarding the rules of EPA registered products within the state where the product is marketed.
  • Advanced Blending assumes no responsibility for the registrations of EPA products within the various states.  We will be responsible for registering all Advanced Blending products in the states into which Advanced Blending ships product. 
  • The distributor will be responsible for the registration and fees for all private label EPA registered products.  Note:  Federal Law prohibits the repacking or alteration of EPA registered products.
  • Any labels or label artwork furnished by our customers, requiring special warning statements must comply with Federal Regulations and are the responsibility of the Advanced Blending customer/distributor.

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